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Founded in 2003 Kontron Australia opened as the principle office in Australia for Kontron AG.

Identified as the PAC of the APAC region for Kontron servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Kontron is the world’s largest supplier of the Product known as COM (Computer on Module) which was conceived by a company called Jumptech with the introduction of the DIMM PC, an intel ISA based COM utilising the DIM memory socket to access the computers IO. In 2002 Jumptech merged with Kontron, which saw the development of the next generation PCI COM called ETX. Kontron then published the standard to an open – source and competitors started making this standard. Kontron then released the PCI express version which to date is the largest Embedded product in the world.

It was through this technology that Kontron understood that customers needed base board development expertise and help. Our Melbourne based design team joined us in late 2003 and have been developing base boards for customers for over a decade.

In 2015 Kontron decided to move to a distribution model in Australia and New Zealand and sold its shareholding in Kontron Australia Pty Ltd and Embedded Design and Distribution (ED²) was formed. Only the name changed and the company still trades as Kontron Australia and offers the same expertise and product as it did before.

As the exclusive distributor of Kontron in Australia and New Zealand we have added additional manufacturers to our portfolio in order to bring a more cost-effective solution for peripheral items and a more cost effective system to our customers.