Our products
exceed client expectations


With computing technology used in almost every field of manufacture we offer a wide range of computing platforms from COTS (commercial off the shelf solutions) to specific designed products tailored to our customer’s needs, Box PC with expansion capabilities like Kenton’s K-Box range, Embedded Design and Distributions ED101-J90 a fully upgradable and expandable system, Rack mount PC’s like the KISS (Kontron Industrial Silent Server) in 1U, 2U and 4U, with a short version in the 1 and 2U range, HMI (Human Machine Interface) or Panel PC, Serial cPCI for high speed vision technology, 3U cPCI, Monitors.

When time is money and your factory or process relies on the technology controlling the manufacture, the highest standards are required, TCO (total cost of Ownership) takes into account down time, repair cost, future proofing your investment, maintenance free operation and reliability. Our products are built on the embedded road map insuring a 7 year life span, our designs are built with the future in mind and are scalable and upgradable.

  • Industrial Computers
  • Rack Mount Systems
  • Panel PC
  • Monitors
  • Computer-on-Modules for Industrial Automation
  • Motherboards
  • CompactPCI / CompactPCI Serial