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Module Carriers and custom baseboards

With the design use of COMe (computer on modules) modules, the high frequency side of the design is provided in the form of a pluggable module. This allows the customer to deploy their own IP in the form of a base board terminating only the required IO or deployment of proprietary IP.

Reference platform are available to assist the development of the COMe baseboard in two several formats:- type 2, type 6 and type 10 pin outs, these formats are part of the PICMG standards for integration conformity to a standard originally devised and formalised by Kontron AG.

  • COMe Reference Carrier T6

  • COMe Eval Carrier T6

  • COMe Eval Carrier T10

  • COMe Eval Carrier T10



    • COM Express® Rev. 2.0, Pin-out Type 10
    • ATX Form Factor (305mm x 244mm)
    • DVI-I and LVDS
    • Full support for Type 10 featureset

Pre-Designed module baseboards.

  • HAL
    • Low power, battery portable for mechanoid control.
    • Features a small size and 4x high speed UART’s.
    • Standard I/O, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet.
    • High definition Audio, Displayport++, 24Bit LVDS LCD interface
    • Multipurpose COMe Basic carrier, with 12V input & onboard power supplies
    • Dual SFP sockets for Fiber optic or Ethernet, single GBE and 3x high speed UART’s.
    • Standard I/O, 4x USB 2.0, high definition audio
    • Triple head independent Displayport++
    • 210,000 hours MTBF
  • pic-coming-soon img
    • Machine control COMe Compact carrier, with 12-24V input & onboard power supplies
    • 8x 100Base Ethernet, dual GBE
    • Standard I/O, 4x USB 2.0, high definition audio
    • Dual head independent Displayport++, 18/24Bit LVDS interface
    • 205,000 hours MTBF
    • Dual mSATA flash storage sockets / 6Gbps
  • J90
    • Install-ready industrial controller features pluggable module for endless I/O opportunities.
    • 12-180V input, isolated power options to 5200Volts
    • Multiple CPU options from Intel Atom to i5, Intel Generation 5
    • Dual head independent Displayport++
    • Full range of digital and analogue I/O modules, expansion storage
    • Case isolation to 5kV
    • Serial and Fiber optic expansion suits Class 1, Zone 1 operation.
    • Drop fit into any energy distribution environment