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Kontron offers a large array of Intel® based Rackmount Platforms around two core architectures: passive backplane (SBC) and motherboard. The benefits of the passive backplane are its ability to support a greater number and combination of ISA, PCI, PCI express expansion slots (up to 14) and to offer longer life cycles, which can be greater than 5 years.

Low noise design
Long life time support >5 years
Newest processor architectures
Shock proof design
Excellent thermal design
Hot swap chassis fans
Easy maintainability

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Reliable, rugged, compact


Reliable, rugged, expandable


Reliable, rugged, flexible

Communication Rack Mount Servers (CRMS)

Kontron’s Communications Rack Mount Servers are ideally suited for telco and data network applications with 1U and 2U offerings in ruggedized, short depth chassis with long life availability.


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