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ED² provides comprehensive O/S to hardware support for chipset and I/O operations.

KeAPI 3.0

Kontron API

KeAPI is a single device interface that enables a user to access information to the different components of Kontron hardware including the power supply unit, display panel, board information, and BIOS version. Access to I²C, SMBus, GPIOs, and EEPROM is also included. KeAPI supports PICMG standard and is EAPI compliant.



Device Monitoring, Control and Management tools

Kontron’s Device Monitoring, Control and Management tools (DMCM) provide easy, multiple device access to health management information to all Kontron hardware. Devices can be accessed simultaneously at any time and from anywhere. Highlights include a secure transportation layer to remotely access custom sensors, sensor information, remote device fleet management and device authentication. Functionality also includes support for networks based in different locations as well as full integration into customer’s existing software.